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This cozy, rustic pub offers a perfect end to your day.

Our cellar pub (Kellerkneipe) surprises with its rustic ambience, characterized by its historic exposed wooden beams and the warm red of its brick walls. If you take a look at the tavern, you will discover a historical treasure: The original, traditional Hausbaum. Used by architectures in the 14th century, the tree was thoughtfully used to form the basis of the supporting structure of the building. The menu of "scheels" includes regional, Hanseatic dishes, tasty snacks and thoughtfully selected beverages, such as the entire assortment of the award-winning beers of the Störtebeker Braumanufaktur, top whiskeys, fine wines and perfectly-mixed long drinks -- all at a fair price.

Cozy Pub with Live-Music on Stralsund’s Fährstrasse
From October to May, each week live-music can be heard in the cozy cellar pub at Fährstrasse 24. Various artists and bands are invited on Saturday nights to entertain our guests. Music starts at 20:00, admission free.

Daily from 19:00 (closed for special events)
Live Music
October – May, Saturdays. From 8.00 pm, Admission: Free.
Contact & Table Reservation
Tel: +49 (3831) 2833-114