Hansestadt Stralsund

Hansestadt Stralsund

UNSECO World Cultural Heritage Site in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on the Baltic Sea

Distinctively Stralsund A Hanseatic city with a dynamic history. Situated on the Strelasund, an inlet of the Baltic coast, the city has always been a place of attraction for cultural explorers and traders of all kinds. Established in 1234, Stralsund has preserved many of its original qualities to this day. Many of the remaining houses and churches date back to the Hanseatic League; their history can be traced back to the 14th century.  In 2002, UNESCO declared the old town of Stralsund and Wismar as a World Heritage Site.

Stralsund - a Holiday Desitnation for Lovers of the Baltic Sea
The harbor, with its numerous berths and award-winning OZEANEUM aquarium and museum, makes Stralsund an attractive destination to anyone who enjoys the sea.  As a "gateway to the island of Rügen", Scheelehof is the perfect starting point for your tours in Stralsund and the surrounding areas.  From Stralsund, you can easily get to many beautiful tourist desinations including the chalk cliffs and beaches of Rügen, the Darß with its long sunny days, or the tranquil oasis of the island of Hiddensee.

Stralsund Attractions When you explore the old town (Altstadt), a beautiful view of the water is always in sight.  Stralsund is surrounded by the Strelasund inlet, and its three ponds. This gives the old town a romantic island feeling. During the city stroll, you will discover fascinating testimonies from its dynamic 800 years of history, from the Hanseatic period, to the two centuries of the Swedish Crown, to the Prussians. The impressive Gothic brick construction from the Hanseatic period can be seen in the six churches of Stralsund, the town hall and a number of residential, commercial and trade buildings.

Museums and Harbour
Stralsund is a holiday destination that will enchant you, with its unique cultural and historical monuments, impressive nature, interesting museums and various leisure activities in the city and with its surrounding water.  Stralsund offers a truly special experience for culture lovers and nature lovers alike, a wonderful experience for the whole family.