Stralsund aus der Luft

Stralsund aus der Luft

Rathaus Stralsund

Mondscheintörn Stralsund


The perfect arrangement for your stay at the Romantik Hotel Scheelehof

Are you an enthusiastic sailor or nature lover?  Are you interested in museums, history or architecture? Perhaps you enjoy spending your free time at the golf course, in a gourmet restaurant, or at the Spa? No matter your interests, our packages promise you a relaxing and enjoyable stay at the Scheelehof Hotel in the enchanting surroundings of Hansestadt Stralsund.

Early-Bird Discount
To show our appreciations for booking early, we will provide discounts to those who book beforehand. When booking a reservation more than 8 weeks in advance, you will receive up to 10% off the package price (Christmas and New Year’s Eve excluded).

from 345 € per Double Deluxe

Ocean Adventure

from 249 € per Double Deluxe

Classic Stralsund

from 309 € per Double Deluxe

Relaxed Stralsund

from 305 € per Double Deluxe

Culinary Stralsund

from 489 € per Double Deluxe

Stralsund & The Sea

from 449 € per Double Deluxe

Rest & Relaxation